We all do our part in keeping Boulder Walk great. Download the Bylaws below, or contact the Board of Directors or our community manager for any additional questions.

rebecca@myardent.com or hoaboard@boulderwalk.com

Architectural Improvement Requests

Please remember that the covenants of our community restrict any changes (except flowers and plants planted in existing beds) to the outside of your residence without the approval of the community. Restrictions include but are not limited to outside lighting, entrance doors, fences, windows, paint, garage doors, additions, roofing, storm doors, address markers and more.

This form is to be used to request review but the Architectural and Landscape Review Committee of a project or change you wish to do or have done to your residence. For all projects you must submit all design elements, colors, etc. as well as include sketches or photos when available. If the project is structural you must submit blueprints and/or design sketches. Your, contractor, architect or designer can assist you with these elements if necessary. The following form must be completed before the committee can review your potential project.

Do not begin work until you have received an official approval!

Name *
Date *
Location of Home
(please be very specific i.e. size, scope, etc.)
Name(s) and Contact Information
Photos, Renderings, Additional Drawings
All supporting documents must be emailed to hoaboard@boulderwalk.com. Applications will not be reviewed until all additional materials are received. The more information you provide the Architectural Committee, the easier it will be to review your potential project(s).